Metal ADA signs - where to get? better alternatives?


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Hello All -
We are replacing some signs for a boutique hotel.

They currently a combination of both metal & plastic ADA signage with a style that we had not produced before. The hotel is VERY about their specific aesthetic and wants replacements to keep the look as much as possible. Pictures are attached.

I've talked to a couple ADA producers and they've told me these are cast signs.
Where can we get these? What is maybe an alternative product that keeps the same feel?

Any advice is appreciated!


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Looking at the stairs one, looks like it's on an exterior wall, since portions of the border are missing I don't think it's actually cast. That and the sections where large flakes of paint have come off, you can see what looks like sanding swirl marks. If I had to guess, these were applique cut on sanded aluminum, then painted black and the copy was rolled white or cream. Howard industries could probably do this.


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Not sure, but it looks more like corrosion due to salt air or something else maybe in the air.


Maybe talk them into replacing all of them with something like corian, either sandblasted or with raised copy routed on top of it. Corian looks like all sorts of granite, and is super easy to machine. You will just want to find a counter top guy that you can partner with, as the material needs a fine touch with a buffer to bevel the edges and even the finish out. The guy we worked with on a college library project was incredible, he could bevel every edge with a sander to make it look machined like that, and he could take the finish from flat to satin, and with enough time a high gloss. Also, mount the signs with 'hanger bolts' or 'furniture bolts' for a clean finish. You can drive them into a drywall anchor or a masonry anchor, then you'll be left with a threaded stud sticking out that you can put a fancy MBS standoff cap on. This way if they change rooms around, you won't be ripping paint off with your double stick, or worse, installing with screws visible on the face side.