Metallic Vinyl Stickers


I use my Gerber Edge solely for this sort of work. Chrome, reflective, gold leaf, ultra metallics, etc. The rest I run on my HP 560.

I did see Mimaki demoing their smaller 54" UV printer printing on chrome mirror though and laminating which would technically also work for this.


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I mainly do custom cut vinyl stickers. it's approx. about 90% of the work I do. One request I get a lot is for metallic/holographic vinyl. I've struggled with Rtape and using it on my SP-540V. Sure I can print on it but limitations of having a 6mm clear edge if it's going to be cut is rather large if I'm doing 1.5inch size sticker.

Now I've seen Stickerapp and I cannot for the life of me figure out how they are printing to the edge on the holographic material they use. I know they have Epson 80600's but those are solvent as well. Maybe they have some proprietary material?

I'm trying to look into this because I'm trying to upgrade my equipment so I can improve the quality and be able to print to the edges on this metallic vinyl. The one machine I've been looking at is the Epson 40600 and a cutter, but being a new business It's incredibly hard for me to get financing.

Thanks everyone!

Look into the Mimaki UCJV, that is the machine I would run if I was a sticker guy.


Just hands on experience with the white inks on this one and it being UV you get a lot of the benefits of latex and the instant dry quality. Specifically for sticker guys I would run UV with white inks, you get very crazy visuals.
Appreciate the feedback and your experience for sure! Appears that is nearly double the price of the Epron 40600 or Mutoh 1641, yikes!


as whenever I have a major issue printing on exotic materials, I would print on clear and laminate the print onto the holographic vinyl.

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Why would you go with an expensive and troublesome print & cut machine when many jobs must be laminated first?? I prefer separate machines and have a Mutoh XPJ1641, Royal Sovereign laminator and Summa S2TC160 plotter... A little more moving things around but better in he long run!


Why would you go with an expensive and troublesome print & cut machine when many jobs must be laminated first??
agreed, but most people on these kinda threads are small potatoes operation and don't have the space available in their office for another footprint.
still, print&cut machines are "just good enough" BUT my two plotters that run alongside my printer are almost 20yrs old and still pumping out cuts while I keep printing and printers nowadays have a lifespan of a decade at best.


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80600 using white and silver is not so easy to use and are very tuff for your printing system as it can easly block and dry the printheads.
also remember that you will have to print multi layers with a solvent printer to get a solid white without transparency, so it may bleed ink on your material.

using thermal printer may be the best option for what you want .


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The Gerber Edge FX works great for printing on metallics and holographic materials. Here are some examples, no issues with full bleed prints.


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