Mimaki JV33 160 Freezing Up


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Does anyone have an idea as to why my JV33 would freeze in the middle of a job?

It does not show an error on the display panel.

It does over a period of time recontinue and finish.

Sometimes it doesn't continue at all after leaving it over night.

Could this be an issue with my software(Onyx 7.0).

My computer ram x2 512 or with the Mimaki it self?

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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Had the EXACT same problem, and I am running the identical setup.

Upgrade to 7.2, and upgrade your Jv33 print driver.

Also, what version of firmware do you have on your jv33?


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512 ram sounds pretty light, although I have no reason to suspect it could be causing the issue described. If the computer has the ability to accept more ram, I would think it is an inexpensive upgrade that I would be doing in your shoes.
(What does the x2 mean... two sticks of 512 ?)


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Thanks for the advice ordered 2 1gb sticks and will try the upgrade to 7.2.

Thanks for the quick response!


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Be sure to re-install the drivers for your printer to. The 7.0 versions of the print drivers will cause 7.2 to crash.


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Make sure you turn the power settings on your computer to "always on" I was having the same problem and when I made sure my computer did not go to sleep that has fixed it so far.