Mother Nature Struck


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We had a wicked storm come through yesterday. I had a customer coming over, I opened the front door to see his car there, and the weather looked really bad. Debris flying all around. He came in, shortly after that, the power went out. We got a call from a friend who had some flooding issue going on, their sump pump didn't have battery backup and the lights were out. So we headed out. Took me about 30 minutes to get 3 miles. Roads closed all over the place, trees down.

I swing by my parents house, only to see their neighborhood looking like a disaster area. Trees all over the place. I pull up to their house, see a few maples snapped off up high, a little brush on their house, hopefully no major damage. Head to their backyard. Not so good. They had about a 80' oak tree come down, landed on the neighbors vehicle, crushed it, then landed on the neighbors house, smashing through the roof.

Well, nothing I can do there, so I hop in and go a couple blocks to a relatives house, only to find the fire department and paramedics there. They broke into the house because a tree fell on the house and someone thought they were trapped inside (they weren't home). Yep, another big oak tree, right on the house, right through the ceiling of their house, knocking debris right onto the couch where they would normally be sitting.

I go check my house, not a leaf down in the yard. I swing back by work to pick up some ladders and tools, and it's trees on cars, entire large monument signs gone, laying on the ground. There's a Hardees (Carl's), sign that's a big pan faced sign, it's been there for decades. Gone. Laying on the ground.

It's a good day to be in the tree cutting or sign business. I've lived through hurricanes and I don't recall ever seeing anything like this before. They say it wasn't a tornado, but I'm not sure what else it could have been.

One road was closed and I got to the turn around point, it was a telephone phone snapped in half, about half way up, with the top "T" piece still in tack, still hooked up, floating in the air. Later in the evening, I saw a second of of those. What kind of power it takes to snap a telephone pole in half, half way up, is beyond my ability to comprehend, just based on wind power.

I looked on the news this morning and not a peep on the national news. I wonder if it happened somewhere with a better storyline, if it would be on the headlines.
The good thing is all the damage is just "stuff" that can be replaced. From your post it sounds as if there were no injuries (or at least nothing serious)...that's a miracle with a mess like you described. Glad you made it through okay.


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I have seen those same things around hear! They call them micro bursts (straight line winds). Good to hear no one you know was injured! No go get all the sign work!
i live in SE Kansas and we see damage like this from straight line winds every year your really luck that no one was hurt. Good luck with the clean up!
Sounds like my day yesterday! woke up to two inches of water flooding my entire house. Evacuated the family to the office, dug trenches and cleaned the house then went to pick up the family and hydroplaned through a light striking a car and totalling it out. Wasn't a fun day.


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and then a customer will call to complain the banner you sold them last year has ripped a grommet out.

My thoughts go out to anyone who has trouble out of the blue like this.


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It's good to know that all the really important things are OK...though all the other stuff is very traumatic.

Locals Find!

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Whats up with all this crazy weather. Down here in Florida we have been getting slammed by a tropical storm since last Friday. So much flooding its ridiculous.


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Up here we haven't had but maybe 1" of rain all year. They're cancelling fireworks shows and about every county anywhere near us (most of Indiana it sounds like) is under a burn ban, because of how fast the fires are taking off. Farmers are all singing the blues. Crazy how different it can be in the same country.


Sounds crazy, glad everyone is okay. What part of VA was this?