Motor Error on Roland SC500


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Hi, we have a Roland SC500 and it has been having a motor error. We have the service manual and are going to do the steps it says to do to determine what is the problem, but when we try to enter the service mode, it says service mode protected. We are pushing the buttons it says to push in the manual but it won't let us into service mode. Does anyone know what to do? Thanks!

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With the main power on but the front pannel is off.

Press up,left,right, down (kind of like a S shape)
Then left,down,right (like a V shape)
Then hold the left,down,right (V shape again) all down together and press the front pannel power on.

You might get a service menu protected a few times if you don't hold the key pad arrows down just right.


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We kept having a motor error and a dispatching of carriage error as well...I read the service manual thanks to the 101 Community who gave me the link! And we did the initializing test "I think thats what its called?" I think it was left up and right hold and press power...It did its check and reset the settings to the proper ones and not having any problems since! I dont know if this is your issue but it helped ours!

Good Luck
If you can't get it, give me a call, there can be several issues that give the motor error some homework before you spend $$$ for a new motor that may not fix the issue and the motor cannot be returned.