Mounting Digital print to 10ft panels


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Evening all (afternoon)

We run a jv33 and have done many jobs where we need to moun t the laminated prints to panels large and small. Large panels are, even with the laminator, a bit of a pain in the a$$. We did a load just recently to 10ft panels for an expo, but seemed to take an age as we wanted to make sure they were straight to the edge as each panel made up a bigger image.

Anyone have any tips on how to mount prints to panels and making sure they mount dead straight and square so when butting up each panel they join is perfecto?

Many thanks



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Print them with a bit of overlap, and take the trimmed edge from the first board and use it to mark the edge of the next image.

It's much easier to do this if you have a RIP that will handle the tiling for you, and if you have a hot roller laminator, a mount adhesive like Drytac MHA, which is easy to reposition and only adhears once heated.


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we do put a 10mm overlap on em, but we make panels in the workshop then install off site. The prob is keeping the length true and straight and square. We can do it, just takes a while. Pressure on the laminator is consistent so any stretch will be the same, just seems to wanna move about a bit on long panels.