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Multiple stickers on multiple sheets


New Member
i have like 20 different small stickers, each with different copies number...

How could i set to group them together, and that the next sticker would start in next row?

Now, if i select group jobs together, it mixes all stickers, which are grouped by copies, but still are mixed.

Why do i want this? becouse, when i will cut them, i want to get sheets with each sticker.

im using onyx rip 18


New Member
so, i managed to get them grouped by copies, but now im having trouble with frame...


and of course cutter cant read upper frame, becouse it is too short....

any ideas why am i getting such frames?


New Member
What machine uses registration marks like that? I'm used to seeing little squares in each corner.
Regardless, you should be able to tape some extra stock to end so the cutter can read the marks.


Super Active Member
Add some offset in your placement strategy if you need more white media around the print. We always add 25mm to the left & right side of cut jobs so there is plenty of room for the outer rollers. If your media is being cut off too early, add some top and bottom too.