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Multishield galvanized composite material


New Member
Had a customer bring me this product to apply a digital print to. I was amazed that such a product existed and find out he bought it at Grimco. They even cut it to size for him.... I am quoting a job and need this stuff but now Grimco says they won't cut it down. Anyone ever use this stuff and did they cut it down themselves? I need to know what you would need to cut it properly and cleanly without damaging blades.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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Is this the steel faced acm like product?

If so you can cut it with a carbide tooth saw. Our grimco refuses to cut it because their employees refuse to change blades


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I use it to make rigid magnetic dry erase board. Great product but the ''paint'' layer is easily scratchable. I had to order at 3 occasion once because it was damaged in the delivery. I try to not use it alot just because of that.