Muskie skin


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Like this?


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Yes Rhino, that's the muskie I am talking about.

Sorry Fred, I presumed everyone would know.

Anyway, I would really like to find that skin for a boat wrap for my client. Any suggestions?

Fred Weiss

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If you can get a high resolution photo I MIGHT be able to get it to work as a seamless tile which would then allow you to repeat them to make a satisfactory background for the wrap.


I searched most of the stock photo services with no success.
I'll have to wait for my client to get back from vacation and have him supply with the photo.
If I can not make it work, I'll call up on you Fred.



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I don't think you can tile something like this. You can tile the scales for sure, but the coloring needs to fade from top to bottom of the boat like the way a fish does .

Here's a link to a pdf document with some taxidermist's painting instructions. Laying this fade over a tile of some scales could produce what you're after.