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Mutoh 1624 losing color on cleaning


New Member
Have a mutoh printer that is giving me some issues and was hoping someone could help.

If I syringe from the pump I Get all of my colors.

If I do even one cleaning I lose Magenta on cleaning cycle every time!

Have replaced Captop, pump, and tubes and completely baffled. I had similar problem with a Roland printer and did a flushing adjust which solved the problem. Not sure if cap is adjustable on mutoh?

Thanks in advance.


New Member
A syringe will have more "drawing" power vs the pump. I would check the damper connections. Also there is no "Flushing adjustment" procedure in Mutoh manual.

Just my .02


New Member
If the complete maintenance station has been replaced check the dampers and the rubber o rings on the connector.
Cap is not adjustable but if it is not sealing properly you will have issues with ink running back.
Also the double joining connector from the cap pipes into the pump blocks really easy.
In fact all the drain lines and the pump can block easily. I would pour a little cleaning fluid into the cap at least once a week to keep things running smooth.
But I have said this before... "The more you use these printers, the less problems you will have."