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Mutoh Falcon 48" Printing Wider


New Member
I noticed today that my printer started printing to 46.5" when I ran a nozzle check. The printer is limited to 45.7"; I sent a sample print to it to check it and it sure printed to 46.5", any one else noticed this before?

The Big Squeegee

Long Time Member
My 36" printed to 37" . I never tried bigger than that but I ordered 37" wide vinyl for it. The rolls came in 54"? and I had it cut at 37".

mark in tx

New Member
Pet peeve time!

A 48" printer will only print 46.5", a 54" printer will only print 52.5", etc...

I know, they named it based on the media size, but they damn sure could have named it on the print width. And I know some printers will print the full width of the media.