Mutoh Falcon Outdoor 62 Undefined Paper


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I have a Mutoh Falcon Outdoor 62 printer. All was working fine and all of a sudden the media sensor will not detect any media wider than 24". It will correctly detect and measure all media UNDER 24". Is there a method to adjust the left margin? If so could somebody please tell me the procedure to do so?

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I am having this same promblem HELP!

we are having the same exact problem on the same exact machine can anyone help out with this? it will read 24" media and initialize fine and print fine but any media that is over 24" it will read the right side of the material and then every time go to the exact same spot around the 24 inch mark and then kick back and give a undefined paper error already replaced the paper edge sensor


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Now I understand your problem.
Go the maintenance mode to the sensor check and load 60 wide vinyl.
Manually check if the sensor works from rigthhand side until lefthand side of the vinyl.
it should detect the white vinyl when it runs over it and change the state.
If it stops at the 24 "mark then there might be a crack in the flat cable from the head board to the main board.
Do not know it ther eis a setting in the machine that blocks all wider then 24".
Let me know the result and solution if you get it working.


I'm sure, the setting for correct size mashine is in servis mode, you need maintenance servis manual for this. With my RH II 64 ( falcon outdoor II), when i reset my NVRAM, Printer read only 50'' vinyl and heater system detect only 2 heaters ( I have 4 heaters). with combination buttons on start (UP + DOWN + POWER - this only for RH II ), I can change mashine to 50, 64, 87'' for correct size.