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mutoh falcon plus


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What model?

New or Used

1) Mutoh Falcon Jr 38" 4 color (RJ8000)
2) Mutoh Falcon Outdoor 46" & 60" (RJ6100 & RJ6000) Rockhopper
3) Mutoh Flacon II outdoor


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It looks like a 48" Falcon Plus. A good printer is everything works. There is a Mutoh Falcon Jr 36" printer just listed on this forum for $8,000 + Flexi + other supplies and Aurora fill collection and it's only 3 months old.


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Eco Solvent Ultra! you may need to convert ink from Plus to Ultra...

Looks like an RJ6100 however the stand is a bit different than mine.

You must assume everything is wrong with it.

It looks dusty and "non op" so you will need new heads, Ink lines, Dampers, Capping station, Pump for sure. and the ability to change all of these parts. Who knows you may need a mother board??

I'd say about $500


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Thanks for the input. I was not going to go more than 400. That was the amount I was willing to risk. And yes I disd assume that many things are wrong with it. As far as fixing it, I could probably tear any printer to pieces and put them back together....been there, done that.

Once again,
Thank you for the input guys