Mutoh Rj6100 - Need help - Please advise


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We are thinking of getting into indoor posters and short term outdoor posters with lamination.
We are new to poster printing.
Can somebody please advise -
1. We don't know much about these printers but we are getting a good deal - there doesn't seem to be much info about it on the net
2. Can somebody please tell me if this is a good printer

All comments , advise will be much appreciated.
Thanks guys:thankyou:

Ghost Prophet

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Never heard of it before but it looks just like my Falcon Outdoor I but older. :p

Wouldn't advise getting it unless they are paying you to take it, if it's anything like my Outdoor. >.<


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It is the printer that the Falcon Outdoor Series was based on.
Make sure it does what you need it to do, so see it print on the media you want.
I had a 4100 before joining Mutoh.
It is a good machine, but the new machines are much easier to get great results off of.

Mutoh does have a 42" indoor printer, the RJ-900, which uses a single head, and has high speed, but the ValueJets will give you outdoor performance and uncoated media options for banner, vinyl and many other applications.