My Hat Is Off to X3

Fred Weiss

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I received a file today which was generated on a Mac version of Illustrator. For whatever reason my Windows Illustrator CS2 would not open it although it has always been my understanding that it would. I next turned to Flexi and it opened it as a bitmap. Next I turned to CorelDRAW X3 and it opened in full glowing 100% vectors.

I was impressed.


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A TIP to help solve these issues.

If anyone has Adobe Acrobat 6 or above
you can right click on most image [ ie; AI, EPS, CDR, etc ] file types and then
click on convert to PDF which should then be importable to most image vector programs without incident . . .

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Ditto on what the Doc said. I design most of my work in Illustrator on a Mac, and send to My PC for ripping and sometimes additional editing, and I've never had a problem, even with different versions of Illustrator. I have CS on the MAC and CS2 on the the PC. Hmmmm?