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Need Help My idiot friend plugged a drill in and now my Versacamm will not turn on


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Each and every printer, laminator,r cutting device ajd omputer(s) should be on its own dedicated line. When we moved into our present location in 2001, we rewired the computer room, and some other areas, just so we could have that. Your furnace, A/C, and other big ticket items are all on dedicated lines...... why wouldn't you treat your business's lifelines the same way ??


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I suggest you get a UPS for your printer, after it is fixed. Open the unit up, (There are many Versacamms. Thanks for giving minimal information.) and look for fuses.
Get a meter and see if there is any power leaving the power supply.


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You're in Jersey. Just hire a tech and have it fixed today.
If you didn't already check the breaker, and your best description was "there was a spark", you have no business poking around with a multimeter.

Johnny Best

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Those surge protectors you buy at Office Depot won't stop anything, maybe that has gone bad. Plug the printer into the wall outlet and see if it comes on. If not, you need to get a service tech to help you and your idiot friend out.


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Gino, it is on it's own surge protector, nothing is on it except my printer. Like I said my friend is an IDIOT

I wasn't talking about plugged into a surge protector, but the actual LINE itself. Is the line going to this particular unit a dedicated line ?? Anything else in the house, shop, garage or wherever on this line somewhere else ?? Do you know what I mean ??


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that is the nature of beast with versacams, if you are lucky is just going to be a blown fuse in the power supply of the machine, but if you are not power supply might be gone or worse yet the main board,