name tag blanks

anyone know of a supplier who does name tag blanks? need diff sizes/colors etc. have looked online, asked suppliers but can't find any wholesalers.



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Johnson Plastics, in your state.

Winston Salem, NC is one of their branches 336-712-2525.

They will cut to size/shape and it's inexpensive.


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most of us that make name tags buy the material by the sheet and cut to order... we do not buy precut blanks.


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check with a local trophy place....i have a guy about a mile up the road that does all my name tag engraving....he gives me a good price (especially since we don't get many orders for them)....
thanks guys for the info, thought it maybe worth while buying in blanks instead of cutting them as we get asked every now and again, not all the time just every now and again. thanks ces020, i'll check them out, appreciate that.