NBC Sued over fonts.


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I wonder if they thought they were above the law or if like so many do, someone just click accept button next to the T&C's without considering what they were agreeing to.


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It's ironic that some designers put such a high value on their own work and then dismiss the value of designers producing fonts and associated works.


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NBC is a nice big public target, they will make more money because a lot of corporations will be doing font audits.

Fonts are always the last thing to be dealt with, even companies that are hot on image rights managment have a dusty collection of grey fonts built over the years.
Signage companies are probably some of the worst because of the need to match existing fonts in so many jobs.

You can cover it to a certain extent by buying the licence to a library like Adobe or bitstream, but I'm betting 99% of companies can be found with unlicenced fonts in use daily. Doesn't even scratch the surface of how many machines you are licenced to use the fonts on...

Got to have them on the design computers...oh and all the RIPS...plus any old computers you no longer use, still count.

Most companies are caught when bitter ex-employees look for revenge. In canada there is a 1-800 line you can use to dish the dirt.


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Dog is right, most companies get busted when a former employee rats them out. However, newer software, including many fonts, are uniquely licensed and can be traced to the original licensor and/or pirates.
What's making these cases even more interesting lately is the amount of money being offered as a reward if you report illegal use. Companies like the Business Software Alliance (www.BSA.org) and Software & Information Industry Association (www.SIIA.net) are offering up to a million dollars for tips that lead to convictions of these high profile companies using pirated software.
It used to be that only the "big guys" were on the radar of these companies. However, with the way the economy is going and reading about RIAA lawsuits, nobody is safe from prosecution anymore. Just look at some of the recent cases brought (and won) by the RIAA...




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This guy said it best..."I truly believe the font industry is going to helvetica in a handbasket..."