NCAA, NBA & NHL Swag...who's got a boat load?

James Burke

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Just wondering about all the people that were geared up to print t-shirts and the myriad of assorted NCAA, NBA and NHL swag...

Months of planning and going out on a financial limb to procure contracts and inventory, and now this.

Any S101 member horror stories out there? I have to believe that the travel, hospitality and residual industries (restaurants, gas stations, etc...) are not having a good day today.


Christian @ 2CT Media

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We deal with alot of event companies... From carnivals, to banks, to vendors, to expos... They are all in panic mode. 1 client of mine just lost close to 50 million dollars on the closure of Houston Rodeo.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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It's a 400+ million dollar event for Houston.

There was a statistic I saw earlier today, that over 100 Billion Dollars in events have been cancelled. This panic is going to cause a tidal wave of economic failure, all over misplaced fear.