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NCAA Vector


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Does anybody have a link, or site where I can get the NCAA "march madness" vector logo (it's for a local ESPN radio station)? Or can anybody point me in the direction of a high quality JPEG to vectorize from? The best I have found is from google images, and at this quality, is useless. I have checked all the usual locations to no avail - help!


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I would check witht the ESPN Radio station you're working with and if they can't get it for you then they probably don't have permission to use it.


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I agree with Shovelhead and Graphics2u . . .

Either the Radio station has it and can supply it . . . Which most probably would.

or you're just plain out of luck !


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asignstop.......goto google, type in (ncaa logo) you will find it there vinyl ready. You might have to ask for permission to use it but 99.9% they will say yes.