Need a bigger vinyl cutter for side work


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Howdy. Don't know if this is the right section, so if not, feel free to move it.
I am currently using my old and somewhat trusty Roland Stika STX-12 for my home buisiness. It is high time that I move up to a bigger, faster, more reliable cutter. I am hoping to get suggestions on what would be the best "bang for the buck". My budget is not huge, so bear with me. Just looking for something to make taking on window displays and car graphics easier than piecing together a bunch of 9.5" high strips.
I bought this machine from a friend 4 years ago, and so I have never bought a new machine, or even looked for one. So, I am looking for some advice from people who have been through this.

Thanks in advance!


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Summa, or graphtec, or Advanced Plotting Devices. At least a 24" at the very least.
No cat or bird cutters.


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"would be the best "bang for the buck". My budget is not huge"
either your business is growing or you wouldnt be even thinking of a bigger cutter....and price is not the will make it back or you can sell it for for close to same you paid for a new one.
that said since you have used rolands...pick up a used PNC-960, PNC-950, PNC-1210, PNC-1100. also the CM/CX 24. if you want to ...and think you will stay in the business...look at the roland pro series 300, 400...machines....your gona spend $1000-$3000 so pick a number and get goin.


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I have to agree with Decal_Designs and suggest a Summa. I picked one up last month to start my business and absolutely LOVE it! But if you have a good client base then go with Old Paint's recommendations.