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need a challenge

Jim McQuaid

New Member
I am a textile screenprinter who runs a successful business
in Ireland but have become bored with repetitive repeat work, a couple of weeks ago I discovered my Rolland Camm 1 could be used for cutting vinyl, looking up vinyl signmaking on the internet I have become obsessed since I discovered a new world for design and one off challenges just like before I settled for the easy life of safe jobs, I came across Sign 101 by accident but have found your members sarcasm & wit a breath of fresh air so I would like to pick my FELLOW members brains, IF THEY WERE STARTING AGAIN FROM SCRATCH HOW WOULD THEY GO ABOUT IT? MACHINERY ETC.

Jim McQuaid Irish newbie


New Member
not sure that I would go into signs again, but barring that I would go Roland & corel again might wait till I had the funds to go versacam color cutter/printer

The Big Squeegee

Long Time Member

I do more printing than cut vinyl. It makes a lot of sense to print multicolours rather than several layers of vinyl. Printing costs less than 2 layers.

With the life span of the new inks it don't make much difference which one you use. Being able to print in full colour allows you to be more creative and a lot less concerned about how you're going to do the job.

Before I got the printer, I was spending a lot of time trying to get a multicolour graphic down to a few colours so that it would look good and not use a lot of layers of cut vinyl. I still use the plotter for cutting out decals and single colour signs and I don't think I could do without it.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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From Arkansas

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
IF I was just starting up again and really wanted to be serious about it & make a pile of money, I'd get a Gerber Solaris (sp?) flatbed printer. After having been doing vinyl since 1982, there is a big appeal for me in the idea of skipping vinyl lettering altogether and just printing right on the substrate. I think the Gerber printer would assure me a level of capability that would go a very long way. I'm partial to Gerber equip. because it's built to industrial duty, and the process of doing signs is seamless with Gerber software & machines. I have a number of friends with other brands of equip., & I have NEVER yet had any of the hassles/headaches they have with their stuff. Gerber is to me the ultimate example of getting what you pay for.