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Need a steel building eps

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I don't have anything that matches that description. Checking clipart.com with 6,000,000 images ... nothing there either.

Photo + tracing paper + black felt tip pen = lineart
Lineart + scanner + autotracing program or The Vector Doctor = vinyl ready artwork


New Member
That's a great tip Fred. I had forgotten about that technique. I sometimes have used that in the past when a client presents a business card and says " Make me a sign like this!" I tend to use a digi-cam on macro mode and go from there on those tiny images.


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I redrew this from a steel building catalogue my client had once. We used it on magnets & project signs (with his name over the top of it)


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how big do you need it and what type of steel building?
hers a jpg of mine, feel free to vector it and use it.


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Thanks O.P.
I sent the guys business card frame to vector Dr. So busy and Eric does a great Job.
Thanks all

:Big Laugh