Need advice on a logo


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Hi, I done this sign a While ago for a customer and he now wants to create a logo so that when people see it the know who it is straight off. He came up with the ideas am posting but wants something really catchy and that stands out from the crowd.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. And hes open to ideas and not tied down to anything.



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Joe Diaz

People wont know who it is straight off, unless it is an established brand, so that right there is a paradox, however, if you include imagery of what service the client provides, like in the first example, then at least you are saying saying something about the client that their customers can relate to. Although, I think the first example needs work, especially with the type styles.

In the second example it looks like you are trying to fit three letters together, like a monogram. I have found that this only works when those letters fit together in a creative way. Right now, I don't think they are.

Do some research on monograms and see if that helps:


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Ugh. The first sign uses 4 different and inappropriate fonts. You've broken several rules already. The new ELS has no imagination whatsoever. Pick up a book on design and or logos

My kid can come up with better.


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good examples of where this line of work.........has descended to. cant help this one. you need to hire a professional........................