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Hi, I am new in this and I am looking for startup machine I know about used Mutoh Falcon Outdoor Jr 36”. Can someone give me review on this model?
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Falcon Outdoor Junior... Very good printer, requires quite alot of maintenance but if you take care of it it will take care of you... Being a 4 color printer I tend to appreciate it much more than the 46 or 62... Keep it clean and use it everyday and you will make alot of money with it... Take it for granted and you will spend alot of money on it, the choice is yours..........................................
I like my 62 that I bought! Although I can see your point about the 4 color models. I dont personally understand all these light cyan and light magenta colors. Maybe it's because my background is in commercial offset printing but in my opinion you can get stunning vivid results with just CMYK and these other colors are just BS that the printer manufactures made up to get you to buy more ink... Anyway, I do have a 62" Falcon and I do like it!