Need Avery Color Palettes


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Does anyone know where to get Avery color palettes for CorelDraw. I made one that I lost when Corel crashed and I had to reload. (forgot to save it.) I downloaded one from somewhere and it sucks. Doesn't have all the colors. I would like to find something like Oracal has separate ones for the different vinyl lines. Any help appreciated. Even a list of the RGB values for the different vinyls would help.


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I'm responding to this 4 year old thread because I went to and felt very lost and scared. Then I searched google for "avery vinyl color palettes corel" (because that's what I was after). Low and behold - signs101 was the third one down in the list. I figured I'd post an answer here, it may be of some help to someone down the road (or not depending on your avery views). I just know I needed them now, and here they are:

Avery A-Series Color Palettes

These are for:

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Corel Draw
Gerber Color


Here's a tip - when I downloaded them they didn't seem to have a "file extension" so I just added .zip to it - I guessed right - (might save some frustration).:smile:


ps - this wasn't the first "google result" that brought me straight here...tonight - honestly I'm not sure how I feel about that, are my searches that "industry specific"