Need Contractor: 53' x 12' Banners Printed


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Hey guys, I have a customer who runs a marketing company here doing 53'x12' banners printed. Right now they're doing 10 every two weeks, and are projecting 100 every month by the end of the year. Would like to not have to turn down the customer since we don't have a 12' printer in house, and would like to beat what he's currently paying.

Please email quotes to

Include my "wholesale" price and retail as well as any other info (print quality).

Thank You In advance guys!


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I'll second on Circle Graphics -- We've farmed jobs to them too. They do a good job, very professional, and decent turn time.


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Awesome! Was hoping to form a relationship with someone off here, but I will be calling circle on Monday. Thank you guys a ton for the referral!