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Need Cutter Recommendations!!


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Hi there,

I'm a graphic designer looking to purchase a cutter for small graphics work and to create paint masks (I work for a company that uses these like crazy). Here are the models I am currently considering:

VE Panther 24"

VE Lynx 24"

Summa D-60

Raven CT-630

Roland CX-24

I am looking for a dependable plotter than also has the ability to take on medium sized jobs should the opportunity arise. If you have any experience or horror stories with these models, or can recommend one not on my list, please help!!

Many thanks,



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Of the ones on that list, I'd personally choose the D60 and go for the SE if you do. This has the optical eye for registration mark recognition. This wasn't an option when I got mine and I wish I had it now, because I want to get a printer. If you can pony up the bucks, I'd really push for either a Graphtec FC5100 or Summa T-series plotter. Granted, these are much more expensive, but will serve you well for YEARS to come. I've not used the Graphtec, but hear many good things about them.


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I vote for the Summa D-60 too. I have read many reviews on 24" cutters before purchasing mine and the reviews always stated that it is a great cutter.


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Altrhough I personally own the 24" Lynx 60 and it does a good job, I would recommend the D60 as well. Better tech. support and delivery times.


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Ive had the Lynx and never could get that thing to track straight over 5 feet. I currently own a Summa D60 and its light years ahead in both speed and accuracy.


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I bought my plotter based solely on the best deal i could find back in '98. I got the Roland Camm1 24". I'm sure there are many other "better" plotters than it but it has certanly given me many years of great production. It certanly cut 100% better than my old shop's 3 gerber gsx 15" plotters (quality wise ... definately not tracking wise).

As far as setting up the vinyl it it, i read from the user manual to roll out half of the lenght you intend to cut and line the edge of the vinyl with the traking marks on the plotter, then drive it back to the starting point and you will see how its tracking. The best i ever got was cutting 23" letters in a 30' line lenght.


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Thanks, everyone! Chris, believe me, if I could afford the price of an SE I would go for it. But I don't see color printing/die-cut decals in my near future, so the OPOS system would most likely go unused. My vendor I use for my vinyl cutting says he loves his Graphtec, but it seems like the Summa might be a better value.
From most of the remarks here, I'm leaning EVEN MORE towards a D-60. I could sure see myself getting the pounce kit...

Anyone else?


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Thanks for the input, everyone. I'll check out the refurbs...Does anyone have any experience with WinPlot? I just need a good program to rip to, as I do all my design in Illustrator. Since WinPlot comes with a Summa, I'd just as soon stick with that if it's a good bridge program.


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I personally own a Panther Pro 24" and love it. Only regret is no registration sensor, however since you will not be doing printing then no need to worry about it. Also since I will upgrade to a Mutoh Jr printer 36" I will have to upgrade my cutter as well so I will be going with a Graphtec FC5100-100 to handle the larger size prints. If the Panther had a registration sensor you bet I would go with it for sure. #1 price, #2 all the supplies and coupons you receive with the Panther is unbeatable. Signwarehouse is another story, but cutter vs. cutter especially what you will be using it for the Panther is a great bet/deal.


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The Panther and the Summa D60 are about the same price. I would go with the D60, its a no brainer and you do not have to deal with Sign warehouse.


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Some buy the lower end machines. A few buy the higher end machines. In teh beggining both will make money. Later on the higher end machine will pull ahead. A heavier duty machine always does better in the long run.

I have a pounce kit for my cutter, never used it. No need for it. Opus is nice. But my cutter does not haeve it and I do at least printed & contour 200 stickers a week. You will be surprised just how fast you will need a cutter that will allow you to run printd work thru it..

Some buy for what you get (freebies, coupons tec.) rather than what 'it' will give. Bargain hunters always pay twice. Look at how many of us have redone some jack legs work who used the cheapest crap they could find. The same is with machines. Go cheap and pay twice.

Go cheap, But, just try to cut one contour job with a lower end machine ,,, and ruin just one run of work. and you will very quickly find out why you never buy a cutter based on price.

Tracking and cutting true is paramount. Economy cutters do not have the internal power to track long and straight first time every time especially in long runs.

Higher end cutters won't fail you. They are made to do more than just knock out a few lines of letters. They will track straight and cut true time after time. You will appreciate paying a few hundred more if you ever have to cut a job of 100 stickers, then find your third line gettin out of registration with each line after gettin worse.

So many will say. "I dont need a full feature power machine." "I'm just cutting vinyl". Well, that is a very short sighted concept. Any one with any spunk will want to grow and expand the mind and business. A lower end cutter will not follow you into the future. But it will only hold you back.

This bussiness is changing fast. Today, a shop with just a low end cutter is nothing more than a hobby shop. The day of a pure vinyl work just about over. All you have to do is look at ebay and see the ugy compared to the nice of a printed magnetic. Printing is comming on fast and so is the need for contour cutting of printed work and stickers.

I'm so glad someone gave me a heads up on cutters years ago. Avoid the low enders just to get you started. OR, you will pay twice for your choice. If you are posting to get afffirmation for going cheap. You already made up your mind to go cheap.


I'm very happy with the ioline I purchased at the Atlantic city trade show.



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graphtec 2100-60 But the newer one is fater they say.... as much as we cut.... 24" is fine.

Great machine.


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I have a Summa D60 and love it. I use Corel and Freehand to do all my design and then export it to winplot as and eps file and it work great. I personally am not going to spend $2000 on software that I can do the same thing with Freehand or Corel. WinPlot is pretty straight forward but it does the job.


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I have had my Roland for over 15 years.....no problems at all~~! However I also have a GRC-61 a friend recently gave me. I would probably get a Summa if I were in the market just because I have heard many good things about them.