Need eye one help, or color management assistance


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Alright, I have 3 computers and I want to sync them to show the same colors, so I can get my colors right. Right now all 3 are drastically different so I use my swatches to determine all my colors, ignoring the colors on the screen. Want to make stuff on the screen slightly more accurate, so was wondering if you guys have suggestions on what to use?

I've heard a lot about eye one. How does it work? Where do you buy it from? What's it's cost?

Did some searching online just to find $2000 fancy color management programs. Not what I want, need a bit more affordable than that. :wink:

Any input guys?

Thanks in advance!


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If you are going to calibrate your monitors it would be very important that if they are all the same type. {Ie, either crt, or lcd} If they are that will make your job much easier. Having the monitors be of the same manufacture would also help.

Keep in mind if you are calibrating the monitors that you will ned to sync the output from your printers to match your color profiles.

Lastly, you need to keep your monitors synced, because they will lose some of their color fidelity as they age. So a regular tune up is essential.

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We're using a Pantone Huey Pro for our monitors in our shop and it works very well to get similar colors from all monitors. Pricing was great, at just over 100 bucks from Fry's, and I have been very happy with it.

All my monitors are Samsungs, and all 3 are less than a year old, but I did use it on two monitors at home which were both over 6 years old and different brands, they are very close in color (and are side-by-side which makes it easy to notice variation in color!).

I honestly don't know how I got anything to look decent printed without monitor calibration! Now, if I could just get this damned DTP 41 to calibrate my xc540 and Canon i9900, I'd be set!



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I have an Eye ONE color calibrating thing. It has helped a lot but I really need study it some more.

I color matched my monitors to my regular desktop inkjet and it was pretty good.

I also color matched my Mutoh. It is now much better than before but not perfect.

I have two computers systems with dual monitors each. I calibrated both systems and the results were about the same. Better than before but not fantastic.

edit: I probably need to do what Vinylman said.
You should really manage your entire work flow. Make your own profiles . Better color and save on ink. Having monitors profiled will have no affect on the output side. If you have your whole system managed , the colors designed with will match in your output. If you keep an eye on ebay you should be able to find a EYE-ONE Proof between $500 -1000 new (less for used).It will pay for itself in savings in ink , time & materials for proofing.


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We use an eye-one here. They had never calibrated the monitor to it before I came - WOW what a difference in matching to output when I did.

I'm still learning to make profiles...


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$500-$1000.... ouch.

I just design what looks good to me, and then change all the colors to the swatches I have on hand. Been working pretty good but I'd like more precision soooooo..... looks like I have research to do.
@ 20% +/- savings on ink . File specs. Pantone 186 - you get 186. No material (test prints) in trash. Profile multiple computers, printers , scanners , medias , cameras. Turns into $ well spent.
I you look , you will clearly see I clearly stated the source.
"If you keep an eye on ebay you should be able to find a EYE-ONE Proof between $500 -1000 new (less for used)"