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Need help ASAP!


Stan B

to make long story short.... I'm assuming you need to cut out an object now.... play with color adjustmnents (bitmap) and make the whole object as dark as it can be... convert to B&W and run a trace on it... then add countur cut to your trace and place over the original bitmap object
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Color Dude

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If you are using Flexi and printing the image and want to contour cut it:

Contour Cutting a Raster File

Here are the steps that will allow you to mask Bitmap, Jpg, or .TIFF files so you can apply a contour cut.

If it the art has a drop shadow around it, you will have to make the work area larger by following these steps.

1. Select white in the color palette.
2. Select the square shape tool in the tool bar.
3. Make a larger box over the original art, (when doing this, it will cover up the art on the screen).
4. Right click on the box, go to ORDER, and select MOVE TO BACK.
5. Using the selection tool, select all of the artwork on the screen.
6. Go to Bitmap and then rasterize, UNCHECK all options, and set DPI to 300.
7. Go to Bitmap and bitmap toolbar
8. Select the Magic Wand tool
9. With the artwork selected, click anywhere in the white area, you will see the selection moving around the artwork.
10. Click Bitmap/Invert selection
11. Click Bitmap/Convert Marquee to shape
12. Deselect the artwork
13. Reselect all artwork (Ctrl+A)
14. Click Arrange/Mask/Mask
15. Apply your contour cut by clicking on Effects/Contour Cut, (Be sure to set the distance of contour using the CONTOUR Dialog box and then click on the Green check to apply the contour cut to the work)

Let me know if this is what your wanting to do.


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In my RIP I have 4 choices how I want top contour cut. On a bitmap you may be able to set an offset and drop the background out. In your design program just set an outline by digitizing around the area you want cutout and use theat line. In corel ( X3) I use , I believe it is "create perimeter" then I contour that line (shape) and use that. I print bitmaps and contour cut as my prefered method. I use the same printer as you.