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Need HELP with changing fonts in Corel

Steve C.

New Member
I've been using Corel for a long time, but I can't figure this one out. All of a sudden I can't change fonts from the font tool bar. With the pick tool selected, I used to be able to click the drop down menu and select a font.
Now the font won't change unless I click the blue F in the tool bar to format text. Nothing I do in the Tools>Options>Text makes any difference. What’s up with that?


New Member
what version you got? if its 9 that one was full of wierd things. how many fonts you got loaded? othere then those you might try a defrag, if not reinstall corel.

The Vector Doctor

Chief Bezier Manipulator
If you don't want to reload Corel you could try deleting the coreldrw.ini file. Make a backup of it first in case this doesn't work. If the problem goes away, the ini file was corrupt. The only problem is you will lose some of your presets, but you probably would anyway with a reinstall.

If the problem persists, you can restore the ini file and look at other options, but usually flaky behavior on Mac/PC programs can often be fixed by deleting preference files.


New Member
You could try holding down the f8 key and launch
corel. a dialog box will appear and will ask you if you
want to overwrite current work space with factory default.

You only lose your personalized work space settings.

This can correct some problems with Corel

Steve C.

New Member
Thanks everyone, for your replies.
OP, I am using Corel 8 and have about 650 installed fonts.
Ken, The f8 solution worked, Now I have to go in and reset all my preferences. Thanks again!