Need help with Colorspan 72uvx


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Anyone out there with a dead vacuum pump?
I nned some pics of one, I think my lines are conected wrong.
(I bought this as a bank repo unit)
MAybe someone has a dead unit they can send me?

btw, I have replaced the pressure sensor and vacuum sensor.
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It could be the acrodisk filters clogged up. Take em off and give it a try without em. Few minutes/hours wont hurt.

You can usually find the filters in bulk on the bay.

The VP sensor may be bad too - get it at digikey put your soldering iron to work.

I dont have mine anymore but got familiar w the vac unit over the 5 years we had it


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does the pump moter even run? it should run full-out as soon as you loosen the blue canister. if it does not, your switch is bad. The switch is the square white block located along the top of the pump housing. If the pump does not run when you open the canister, give the housing a rap with the end of a screwdriver. If it starts to run a little after that, the switch is sticky, and needs to be replaced. If it still does not run at all, the motor is bad ( locked rotor ) you can exchange the pressure pump for the vacuum pump, just be mindful of where the tubing connects to the housings ( vacuum connects to input, pressure connects to the output ) otherwise they are the same. If that works, you just need one of those motors ( google them, because you can't buy them from HP individually. )

Good luck...


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LIke I posted earlier, this was a bank repo and it has sat for a year now before I got it.. Have replaced the vacuum sensor, regulator and that little brass thing.
I just need some quality pics of a know working system. It looks like my lines have been tampered with.


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I would definitely be concerned with the print heads as well. We had almost the exact problem with ours before. The cause ended up being the filters.