Need help with network in the shop..

I have 6 computers hooked up to my network at the shop. I have 2 computers when you go to "my network places" some of the shared drives are at the top of the page under" local network" and then the rest are below a line that says
Can anyone give me some help so I can access all drive on these computers?


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Generally this involves getting them all on the same Workgroup. The procedure varies depending on the OS and "Views", but generally it can be found by Right clicking My Computer, going to Properties, then to "Computer Name", then click on "Network ID", set every computer up for the same, restart em all, and should be good to go.

Some computers may not appear on the list if File and Print sharing is either not enabled or they are not sharing anything.


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You will also need to be sure that all computers are set to enable file sharing and discovery, which again varies depending upon which operating system(s) you are running. The easiest way to find out how to turn this on in your computer is just to google "How to enable file sharing in Windows"


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And also make sure the correct users have privileges set up. In other words make sure you can read/write and not just read. Also, you may want to just map a network drive for the folders you visit most.