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Need plaid design


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I need to find a plaid design for some bike graphics. Customer wants something like http://www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/256159/2/istockphoto_256159_red_plaid.jpg

But it's a one time print, and I'm not spending a small fortune on it and I don't really feel like re-creating it. Anyone know of a place I can find a plaid design? Vector or raster, I don't care. Just needs to be okay quality for a 18" x 12" print. I'm drawing a blank and thought you guys might be able to help...???


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Flamey you really need to take up hand-painting.
My best friend is from Scotland and has to paint various tartans on liveries on a daily basis.
It's not so hard.
Find out the clan....reseach the plaid.
It's just a matter of lines. And a few interactive transperancy tool fades.


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Yeah, but I have a $30 design budget on this project. Can't do much with that!!! I could do it nice, but not for $30. Make sense?


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Oh yeah, hey thanks GAC. I almost forgot about that site. Looks like they might have just what I'm looking for.

Now question to y'all. I found something that I can probably work with.... but it won't open for me. It only downloads about 72%, then quits.


Does it do the same for anyone else? If it does work can anyone e-mail it to me? I'm getting frustrated...
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Thanks Deanalois, it worked from your link. Thank you VERY MUCH.

I must've tried almost a dozen times from the original site, and could never get it to work. I've used the site before and never had a problem. Weird....