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Need software for SummaCut D60 Desktop


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We haven't bought the SummaCut D60 Desktop 24" vinyl cutter yet, but we probably will. It comes with the free WinPlot cutting software. Will this be adequate for precise cutting of Illustrator vector artwork that has quite a few curves and angles, and is sometimes up to 5 feet long by 2 feet wide?

We do reproduction automotive decals for vintage Mopar cars from the 60s and 70s. The repro decals should not be off by more than 1/32" from the original decals. The cutter software does not need to have any color or font capability at all.

The problem we have been having with the sign shops that have been doing the cutting for us, is that their cut repro decal is either progressively too long or too short, compared to the original decal. Attached is an illustration of this problem. Assuming the cutter and software can be adjusted, would the WinPlot software be adequate?

What about FlexiSign starter, or CoCut 4X3?


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personally, i do not eleive any basic software can compensate right..

I use cocut pro with corel and illy and i have never had a comensation problem..


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my friend,, i used to cut winder tint all da time
And i cut many layered panels .. and i cut translucent that MUST fit right or it leaks,,
I use a good cutter,, good material and corel with cocut pro..


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I run a Summa D60 with Corel 12 and WinPlot here and I have no problems with accuracy. But, I'm not measuring down to the milimeter either. However, I have no problems with registering a 1/8" outline that spans over 4'+.
I have a feeling that there's a loose nut behind the controls somewhere along the line because, from my experience, the D60 is more than adequate for what you're asking.