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Need some opinion on Soljet Pro II SC 540


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I'm just about to buy a Soljet Pro II SC 540. It's about 3 years hold & the printer asent run in about 1 year. The seller is a Roland Dealer with very good reputation. A tune up as been made on the printer & it comes with a 3 month warranty.

Can somebody give me somes opinions & a Approx $ should I buy this?

Thank you!


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Thank you Ian,

I've tried to get a 6 month warranty but he doesn't want to. But now I'm negotiation with de finance company, they want to take over 25 % interest on the machine.

Ian Stewart-Koster

Older Greyer Brushie
How much $ is it?
Can you tell how many hours it has printed for?
Parts will wear out & break down- you don't want to have this happen right after the 120th day.

It may be the best investment you ever made, or it may be one you regret- I'd be trying to find out its accurate history, also.

mark in tx

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The Roland machines have a great reputation for being almost bulletproof, but I would be wary of why they don't want to give a 6 month warranty.

Step back for a moment and think about it, a 3 year old machine, that hasn't been run for a year.
A good dealer should have been able to move that machine quickly.

I wouldn't consider paying more than $3,000 for the machine. Some people might think that is crazy, but you could be looking at $3,000-5,000 in parts and labor if the machine dies in 4 months.
A machine that hasn't run in over a year (sitting in storage) is going to need ink lines, pump, capping stations, probably needs heads too, and all the associated little hardware bits for delivering ink at a minimum.

Also, does this printer have a heater system? Some of the older Rolands didn't, they were an add-on.
If no heater, then realistically you can't print on non-coated media, which drives your costs up.

If you are going through the trouble of financing, then why not finance a new machine?


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haha you're not going to get a soljet for 3,000 dollars. we have a soljet pro III, the new one, and it is just as clean and easy to start up and use as our designjet 5500 which uses aqeous inks. I wouldn't see a problem in buying it, so long as all the lines are new and you can make sure all the print heads are working properly and the machine is working properly, beyond what the company selling it says. However, you can find a new versacamm for a little more, and it's going to be new, and I do believe they sell a 54" versacamm, it's just not going to be as fast as the soljet