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Need Summa D60 Help!!!


New Member
We had a computer virus and ended up having to reformat our harddrive. I re-installed all of the software, but now our Summa D60 is cutting a segmented job one segment on top of next. Since I wasn't the one to install our Summa to begin with 2 years ago, I don't know what setting I need to tell it to cut the segments next to each other. The manual is confusing and I can't find the answer. I'm hoping that someone here will be able to tell me where to look and what to set. Thank you!


New Member
i think it sounds more like the program you plot with is not set right.
Maybe it is'nt set to advance the vinyl after plotting?

just my 2 cnts


New Member
check your material size in the cut dialog,, make sure its the right size, if it is doing cut segments on purpose, then make sure the check marks are right,, Or make sure teh orientation is right
thats all i can do for now,, with the little info u gave,