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Very new at macros. Am using Corel X3. I have x4 installed but don't use it because I hate change and I don't know how to set a macro for my Cocut. I have gone into macros but so unfamiliar with what to do. Played around with it but can't figure it out. Can someone give me the simple steps to so this.
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Help...I'm so screwed here!

I just got corel x3 and am using a Graphtec ce5000. When I try to export a layout from corel to the sign software I get "Run-time error 2147221248 (80040100) The referenced object no longer exists in this document." Visual Basic Reference Automation Error 440. I am tee-totally lost here. I used to use Gerber Graphix Advantage with Corel 7 (worked GREAT!) until my desktop computer crashed and I had to update. Now everything is messed up and I'm so screwed. Does anybody know what the heck this message means? banghead: How much does Gerber Graphic Advantage, or whatever its called now, cost these day anyway? Maybe I can mortgage my house.