Network not networking

I have a my computers networked and 1 day 1 of the quit netwotking, I pluged my laptop into the cable and it works fine, I bought another ethernet card and still won't work, It says it aquirring address.
Any Ideas.


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Guess #1
Whatever you have serving up DHCP is out of addresses.
or you need to hard code an IP on the PC not working if you don't have anything serving up DHCP....

Does the working laptop have a static or dynamic ip address?


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When a machine stops interacting within the network there are a few baisc things to look at.
Firewall. Network name and a few other basic items that all must be in order.
Too much to poast about in one post.
If it worked one day,, then it should work again if the settings are right..
Anyway, Does the LED lights luminate when you plug in the cable? Check to make sure any firewalls are not interfering. Make sure you have sharing set up. Make sure the network name matches.
How many machines are oon the network, Are you using a hub, and a router?