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can someone please help me before i go broke from wasting vinyl\
i am using vinyl master pro and im trying to cut vinyl which is 18" tall and 72 inches long
i cant figure out how to cut vinyl length wise going down the roll of vinyl instead of side to side,when i think i have it figured out i noticed when i go to cutting menu there is panels and i click to cut all panels but it will only cut the first panel which would be half the letter( man i didnt figure it would be this hard to figure out how to make a few banners) thanks for any advice on this
i will keep readiing and wasting vinyl until then


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use the preview option if there is one,not familia with VMP at all here but see if there is rotate -90, portraitinstead of landscape. Some cutters do this from front panel some from software good luck get butcher paper & pen to use instead of vinyl for practice.

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Not familiar with VMP either-- Try looking in either the cutter setup, or, the program itself under the "CUT" menu for something that says "AXIS SWAP" This reverses the "X" and "Y" axis. Also, what was said above on the practice with paper/pen first.

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I don't know how wide your plotter is or exactly what you are trying to do but here goes:
use the tool bar, it makes everything easy. It is located on the bottom right corner with tools written on it.
1. Select the copy you want to cut
2. Tap on the cutting icon, and a selaction of larger icons will come up .
3. touch the selected icon in the centre of the 3 icons.
4. It will now take you to a new screen, the cutting section.
5. This is where you can prepare the selection for what you want it to do. Double click the selection and you will see the litte arrows on the corners which will allow you to rotate the copy to however you like. just rotate it to 90° providing it is less than the width of your plotters available width.
Now grab the little red dot on the bottom right corner of the white panel and box it closer to the selectionuntil it stays at just one panel. if you try to go too close it will fall into 2 panels.
6. Now select the spooling icon bottom right next to the pic of the plotter. This where you can set your weed border and remember to tick the "Box around tile" square.
7. Press "Cut tiles" and the spooler queue will come up. press the color or the bottom of the list and you will see a pic of what it is going to cut.
8. Press cut now and the plotter will outline exactly where you are going to cut. If you are happy that it is OK just press "proceed with cutting" and presto there you have it.
Hope that helps and don't go wasting any more vinyl. When you get to know it better you will find it wastes no vinyl because you are able to really fine tune it to fit all sorts of bits and pieces into that cutting screen before you start cutting. Have fun!!


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rookie31 New & what? stupid is a person unwilling to learn. Your here, asking good questions & hopefully fixing your errors. thats smart, NOT Stupid.


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Take it from me . There are no stupid questions, We are all learning, some are just a little ahead of others.


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Also look at topic 30.3 in the VMP Manual which shows you how the program sets a cut file on the vinyl itself in relation to the position of the plotter.

The preview in the Vinyl Spooler is also based on this layout i.e. the plotter on the right side (as if it were standing on its edge) with the vinyl coming out toward the left...