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New finishing guy


New Member
Hello, just found the site today. I'm hoping to learn new techniques and meet some new people. I have a kongsberg I-XL 24 router that I'm constantly learning new things on, I'd love to meet others with the same machine. I'm from Green Bay, WI GO Pack! :Big Laugh


Merchant Member
Welcome from Dirty Jerz....Giants are gonna have a stuffed Eagle on the mantle after Sunday!!!


New Member
Welcome from the windy city

The packers gonna try there hand at football again this year? lol GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:beer


New Member
Hey. Guess I'll welcome you also. I'm new as well. I just had to post since I'm a Bears fan. So Go Bears. I know those are fighting words there.
Should be a good game this weekend if the bears get there heads out of there rears.