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Hello everyone! I've watched this forum as an outsider for a long time and finally became a member. I've been in this industry for a long, long time and have had my hands in a lot of different aspects of it as an employee of some really great companies. I've taken the leap of faith and started purchasing equipment and working for myself and slowly trying to build my business. I've got a wealth of knowledge trapped up in the squash that rides around on my neck not only about signs in general, but software, machinery including lasers, CNC's, letter notching machinery, large format printers and plotters and a ton of hands on fabrication, installation, electrical sign service, Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint systems, and design/layout. Hopefully, I can share some of what I've learned over the years here and even more, learn something from others. In my opinion, the owner of a company should know more about their tools than the worker bees and that doesn't seem to be the case in most of my experiences. So, hats off to a new year and thanks for letting me join in the community of sign people!


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Enjoy the ride and good luck with your company. This is a great industry that offers the chance to succeed in ways that can change your life. It's not all roses for sure... But it's wide open with the right plan, work ethic, and the proper means to complete your projects.


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Welcome in! Good to see you took the leap! If your gonna have to deal with the headaches, you may as well have your name on the door for the applause.
I've only been in the business since 1986 (probably not as long as some here) but i just turned 49 this year. I've went from brush, smalts, and glue chipping/ gilding to printer like lots have.