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New from florida!


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Just joined up, and after viewing all these threads i already came up with a question! I have a client that wants his logo done on a metal sign, with a vinyl overlay. Only artwork he has is on his buisness card. What would be the best way to digitalize his artwork. Really can't scan and trace comes out too pixalated. Any ideas/Info?

:help: Ace Signs Inc.:help:
-Production Manager


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Welcome Ace... You will get the Vector Doc advice alot here. . I used him a few times and he is amazing.

Welcome to the SIGNS101!


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ace signs Howdy from Texas &:Welcome: 2 :signs101: that vector doctor I really super & fast dont think he sleeps much
& if you check the first might still be free if its not too bad, If so he'll tell you the truth & not just send you junk. Again welcome