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new from NC


New Member
Just wanted to stop and say hello to all.

I have a fiew questions about clip art or templates (not sure what to call them) and suggested software.

What I am looking at doing is basic letters/signs so I am looking at sign labs software. I also wanted to see if there was a software pack or something along those lines that covered automotive decals. For example the 90 ss454 chevy truck decal (went on bed) or the mopar striping.

Im just starting out so please go easy on me lol


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Welcome..what is the hardware/software you are using? That will make it easier to give good answers....You need to provide GOOd questions to get good answers..
Happy New Year!
Sorry..noticed you mention SignLab...version?

Craig Sjoquist

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welcome to a outstanding forum and people

you will find lots to choose from... trade magazines, google, merchant members

git r dun