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new guy from cali


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Hi ever one! I just found this site and well its helping alot. I just got a cutter but dont know much about the software.I airbrush most of the time and wanted to add a vinyl cutter to the business. I hope i can get to know you guys.

ed zamora
sorry cant spell very good!


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Hey Ed,

I'm from Hanford. I just joined a couple days ago my own dang self! I'm an old school painter-with-a-plotter as well. :wink:

Getting ready for the heat? :cool1:



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Hello from Dana Point. Stop in if you're ever down this way. We'll show you some plotter tips if you show us how to airbrush.


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Welcome, Ed.were neighbors,kinda,good luck with your new cutter.You will find this group helpful and lots of good advice,Fred does a great job keeping this site running!


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another Califorinian

waves hello.. :Welcome: ... Im in southern calif.. here..
Pasadena area...

You will love it here.. im sure..


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from Louisiana!

I lived a good bit of my life in California. :Cool 2:
Last time I passed through Bakersfield was in 1989. Tell us what business is like out there.