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New guy on the block!


New Member
Hello everyone,

My name is Allen and as you already know I'm new here.

The wife and I have owned/ran a Postnet franchised store for almost 10 years now. As the years have gone by we have seen a shift in the packaging and shipping industry and decided to start adding more printing/sign making capabilities to our store. We are a family run business as my wife and daughter pretty much run the store now with one other employee. We've been doing signs and banners for about 4 months now and really haven't advertised yet as we want to get our ducks in order first. Well we're pretty much at that point now and I've got to get off my rear end and doing some advertising. We still have quite a few things to learn.

Oh yea as for myself I retired after 22 years in the military and then went to work at my store when it had about 2 years under it's belt. I hung around for 2 years until I got a job offer I couldn't refuse and went back to work at a local base as an instructor.

Anyway it's nice to be onboard. Now I just have to use the SEARCH funct ion to see what all I have missed.


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I would find a local vinyl jocky and make a deal to let him do all teh work while you do all the selling. I had a deal like that with a local print shop. He sold all he could,, i did the work. He made easy money, I made ok money. It worked out grat because I let the teens do the weed and apply work. They mad e good money ..