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New Member, New Decal Business


New Member
Hi all,

I just registered. I am from the Sunny Gulf Beaches of Florida and have just started a decal business primarily for spirit, sport and team decals. I am also going to sell these decals for fundraising. Any information or training or help you can provide me is greatly appreciated. I just bought the Lynx 60 and have LXI Master and Corel. I have no clue how to use Corel but am going to try and find some tutorials. I have made a few practice decals but have a hard time with the following:

- ARC text
-Knowing where to weed after the decal has been cut

I am teaching myself and using the internet to try to get up on the learning curve so, again, any help you provide is much appreciated. I have some graphix that I have purchased and am happy to share with anyone that needs any.

Take care,


Fred Weiss

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Hi Spirit and welcome to Signs101.

There's lots of information here with more being added everyday so browse the boards and ask questions as specific things come up.

The best source I know of for learning Corel is at Graphics Unleashed. Let us know what you think.


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Hi Spiritfan 123, hope to hear more from you, and goodluck with the decal business.

George :thumb:


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Hey Spirit Welcome to Signs 101 and the business.

On the weeding issue, I always cut a box around the graphic, that way I at least know where to start.

On Corel, try asking the question on the Corel discussion here, I'm sure you will get an answer.


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Welcome Spiritfan123

You have started out with the same package I bought in 1997 except I had no need for the Corel because all I needed was basic temporary signage. The LXI Master will do a lot of things and I would suggest getting that down first and not try to learn them both at the same time. There is an easy-weed option that you should click that will automatically put the box around what has been cut. I sold the Lynx a couple of years ago so all I can do for you is from memory. My memory is failing me but the Lynx served me well for as long as I needed it. The only thing I ever had to do with it was change blades, it would sometimes get off track on runs over 10' but that was probably my fault. If you bought it from SignWarehouse they were always helpful, use them you paid for the support. If you have not already gone to www.signcollege.com it is helpful. As I have said before I am probably the weakest link on this board. I'm sure sign chick and That Girl will be glad to help you out, they are always happy to see new people get started:biggrin:


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Hi spiritfan. Sounds like you have the desire to learn. The best thing to do is learn basic layout and color combos. Go back and squint your eyes at your designs to see if you can still read them. Try not to put outlines or drop shadows in colors that 'blend' with the main copy. For instance....red letters and black outlines usually do not work. Also it helps to post your work and let others give advice when you might need it.

Casallc, I am not against anybody getting into the business who has the desire to learn, prices their work right, and genuinely wants to do this for a living. What I don't like are the dumbasses who think gee I have a computer and a plotter.....now I can underbid everybody and be really busy. Yes sometimes they are really busy....but are not making any money, and are basically screwing up others pricing theories.

Best of luck to you spirit. Post often!


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Thank you very much for the encouragement. I am going at this from a fundraising perspective and retail decals too. Primarily to schools, clubs, organizations and church youth groups. In my community there is a big need to fundraise for such groups and people are tired of the Entertainment books. We have a close knit community and very active in sports, etc. and the majority of the parents love to show their pride in their childen and their activities/interests. At this time I don't forsee myself getting into actual signage but who knows.

I'll be posting:thankyou:


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hummmm red & black can look good if done right...hehehehehehhe



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nice looking sign OP but usually I don't like black and red together.. too hard to read from any distance, and becomes blurred.


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i agree... only if the black is more dominate, the pool hall sign is just a small shadow of black to give a sence of depth, not over powering the red.....


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Post to a 10 year old post that the original poster hasn't been active since 2004!

I always start by reading the date, but the 2003 threw me off as I generally only see the look at the last number in the year, so let me finish this by saying, Holey old post Batman!!