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new to business, software help needed


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Hi there, again, you may have read my other topic specific questions. here is another.

I have played with a trial version of coreldraw x3, and it is great. But I don't want to spend so much to buy a program that does much more than what i need.

Here is what I need:
To be able to creat a vector image for a cutter based off the shape of a cell phone. On coreldraw I have found it to be faster to scan an image of the phone in and then create individual shapes that match - rather than use the trace function. That function picks up on so much noise, that getting rid of all the xtra lines is time consuming.

Then I need to be able to save all the phone cutting "templates" so that when a customer comes along, I can open the cutting template - add an image over it - and send the whole thing to a printer/cutter.

And I need it to be simple enough for my employees to be able to do it as well.

Do other versions of coreldraw fulfill this need?

Is there a way to use the trace function to make the job of tracing all these phones (we are trying to develope a library of over 200 models) faster and more efficient?

Again, thanks for helping me figure all this out.


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you cant do any better than X3 suite.. the price is great,, and you can get cocut pro to cut vinyl
your able to do anything that any one can do.. computer wise that is..


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As Techman said......"you cant do any better than X3 suite.. the price is great....."
Get good software and good hardware......they don't cost you money....they make you money.


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out of all the software I use Illustrator and corel draw seem to be the two softwares I use the most, I have the whole adobe family but corel has replaced most except illustrator.


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I agree

Corel x3 is the best and easiest i have found also. I have adobe cs2 suite also but love Corel. you cant go wrong for the price.
There is no cheaper than Corel. Period - end of story. The equivalent in Adobe would cost many times the amount Corel gets.

At least you realize that Corel is a very powerful program - and that is very good.

Even though you think that you will not be using a good number of features- believe me, you will. No way you are going to let a machine like a PC-12 sit just for cell phones. Next will come other decals, etc. etc..

Buy it, learn it - enjoy it :Cool 2:


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Actually, you can pick up older versions of Illustrator and Corel fairly cheap. If I was you, I would go with Corel, but it would depend on your plotter and cutting software.
Also, with the right plotter and drivers, you can cut right to a plottter from either program without additional software.