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NEWB outline question


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Whats up Im new to this whole sign cutting thing so im trying to learn. I drive racecars and my parents thought it would be cool to get me my own cutter to make my own stickers. They got me a refine plotter off ebay for x-mas. Ive been using Illustrator 10 for design and signcut-x2 for cutting. I have a couple of questions.

1. Is there an easy way to make multiple layer stickers with out lines using Ill 10? I just cant figure it out.

2.Do I have to use singcut for getting things to cut or are there other programs i can use or can i just use Ill..

Thanks this site is just what i needed TONS of info?


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Hi Racerguy. Welcome from Beautiful BC.
I dont know what you mean when you say a "refine" cutter.?
Doing a layered decal "without lines"?
Your cutter will have software..export from Ill to that software. I recommend Corel Draw X3 for design.
Did your parents also buy the car for you?
Do they have an insurance policy on you?
Have you checked the brakes?
Just kidding...


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Refine is the brand. And I cant figure out how to "outline" using illustrator 10. I built the car so lets just hope the brake sty together

Fred Weiss

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There are at leat two ways to outline in Illustrator 10 and then end up with a cuttable vector:

Select the vector path to be outlined and

  • Convert to outlines if it is text
  • Object > Path > Offset Path (set the amount of offset)
  • Apply a stroke to the vectors to suit yourself
  • Object > Path > Outline Stroke