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Newbie Flexi question


New Member
I am very new to this and i bought a vinyl cutter to play around with. It came with the very basic flexi software. My question is how do u do a color separtion in order to cut two different colors of vinyl for an overlay?


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is it possible to seperate the colors on the designing screen?
In signlab you would select "cut by color". Then in the cut menue select the color you want to cut. I would think Flexi has a similar feature unless it is only in the more complete package.


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Are you running flexi starter? If so you can select the item and hit ctrl-u to ungroup. Then you can separate the colors.

Hope that helps


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You can view 1 color at a time if you like.
Just add your colors from your color swatch to each of your objects.
Then right click on the color in the swatch that you want to see,
then go to view / hide all but this color.

After when you want to see all the colors again, right click on the color
in the swatch and go to view / show all colors.

Or if you want, you can separate each color into separate compounds,
by selecting everything, making sure it's all ungrouped, then click on
Arrange / compound / compound by color.


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once I get a layout approved, I usually end up disecting my file & renaming it. At this point I often move groups of similar colored text or graphics into different areas on the page. Like if I'm doing a vehicle, & 2 similar sides & on back layout, I'll make my second copy of the side layout & then pull out all the black copy & start clustering it into efficient blocks that fit whatever material size I am using, Then all my blue logos get clustered together... so when I'm actually ready to cut, I just select what I want to cut & have never used any "cut by color" features... I always just "cut selected"


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Thats exactly what I do Doug, Its just easier for me and it keeps everything seperated and as you said. you can bunch them together and save some material. If im doing several different colors Ill draw a square around them to make it even easier.